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Jimmy O'Hara

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Dr. Luis Rojas Puentes on Leveraging Immunity to Help Treat Patients With HPV and Lung Cancer

In Colombia, lung cancer is among the most frequent types of cancer and is the second leading cause of cancer-related death in patients with male sex characteristics. Here, patients often present with additional diseases that are linked to lung cancer diagnoses, including human papillomavirus (HPV). Despite the harmful effects and negative reputation of HPV, the infection could help doctors more effectively guide the course of care for patients with certain types of lung cancers.
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Conquer Cancer Grant Recipients Bring Research IDEAs to LIFe

An eager group of oncologists from around the world enters the ASCO Annual Meeting for the first time. The oncologists—recipients of the International Development and Education Award (IDEA) from ASCO and Conquer Cancer, the ASCO Foundation—belong to this global community of the brightest minds in cancer research. Each of them shares a vision to advance research and care for patients in their home country.


Astronox Music & Arts Gathering: Reflections On The Impressive 2021 Event and A Promising Look Forward to 2022

Tucked away within the Texas drylands an hour west of Austin, the second edition of Astronox unfolded its festive wings. Since its inception in 2019, the multi-day gathering provides an imaginative space for communities drawn to the niche realms of downtempo, world, glitch hop, psydub and psybient. Nick Sumbles, the festival’s founder, strives to showcase the narrative-driven side of electronica.


"It's Treatable"

Lillian Kreppel had to advocate for herself and seek a second opinion before receiving a delayed diagnosis: HPV-related stage II anal cancer. Now a survivor, Lillian leads the HPV Cancers Alliance, an advocacy organization she co-founded to help improve HPV education for patients, providers, and the public. She shares key lessons for patients navigating screening and treatment, debunks stigmas and myths surrounding HPV, and highlights the importance of patient advocacy and donor-funded research.

Learning How Language Saves Lives

Before Dr. Jenny Ruiz became a pediatric oncologist, her first experience with kids and cancer came when a younger cousin was diagnosed with leukemia. Dr. Ruiz became a translator for her family, most of whom speak Spanish as a first language; her cousin’s doctor spoke English. This showed her how life-threatening language barriers can be when patients and families with limited English proficiency must navigate cancer care.


  • Published bylines in ASCO Connection, Cancer.Net, and ASCO Daily News
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