Meet Jimmy

Writer, editor, journalist, poet, solarpunk, word weaver, rhetorical alchemist, and a bit of a fairy.

Experienced with covering oncology research and cancer care, promoting electronic musicians and emerging festivals, and crafting science stories in mission-driven media settings. Interested in science reporting and editorial work on topics like climate resilience and environmental justice; epigenetics and evolution; astrobiology and cosmology; social movements and regenerative systems; HIV/AIDS activism and LGBTQIA+ liberation.

Likely reading longform pieces on human ingenuity amid the climate crisis, watching the latest videos about black hole physics, or imagining better futures while reading speculative fiction.


"Jimmy delivers on every level—a triple-threat writer, editor, and content strategist. He consistently takes a highly scientific, somewhat abstract topic and finds the beating human heart at its center, conveyed in concise, highly readable prose. He has sound editorial judgment and an innate understanding of audience and tone, and he is utterly reliable on deadlines. Importantly, he has been a champion for inclusive language long before it became a topic of mainstream discussion. Having Jimmy as a collaborator means that, in a professional environment with significant resource constraints and endless moving parts, I can be confident that the aspects he manages will come in on time and at an exceptional standard of quality."

— V
irginia Anderson
Associate Director, ASCO Connection magazine, American Society of Clinical Oncology

"I had the pleasure of supervising and mentoring Jimmy early in his career, when he was instrumental in helping with a major overhaul of our institutional website. Jimmy was consistently an enthusiastic and diligent reporter and copywriter who brought creative and innovative ideas to the table and told compelling stories. He always comported himself with professionalism and held himself to the highest standards. The growth mindset that he brought to our projects particularly impressed me. On the basis of these qualities and his excellent work, I promoted him into a managerial role in which he guided, facilitated, and directed newer and less experienced interns as they undertook a wide range of communications and marketing duties. I couldn't have been more happy with his leadership. I recommend Jimmy for any job, especially those in which he can use his writing, reporting, and organizational leadership skills."

— Dr. Richard Todd Stafford

Director of Communications, Honors College, George Mason University

"I've had the pleasure of working with Jimmy for several years at ASCO where we collaborate on researcher spotlight articles for ASCO Daily News. Jimmy's copy is consistently pristine and engaging. He weaves eloquent narratives that effortlessly highlight the importance of the researchers' work. Jimmy does a great job translating scientific medical jargon into plain language that meets the needs of both lay people and clinicians. Jimmy has excellent journalistic instincts and natural talent. I highly recommend him for any writing position."

— Faith Hayden

Editorial Director, ASCO Daily News, American Society of Clinical Oncology

"Jimmy is a writer with a fresh voice, always working to understand the audience and craft a thoughtful, compelling story. He’s an equally thorough editor. I loved the enthusiasm and creativity he consistently brought to our team."

— Patra Wroten

Specialist in creative writing, brand development, and strategic communications

"I'm delighted to wholeheartedly endorse Jimmy, my previous Communications & Editorial Lead at Background Noise Agency. Jimmy's exceptional skills in crafting beautiful descriptions, meticulous proofreading, and invaluable training have been instrumental in shaping our editorial presence and upholding our high standards. His contributions are immeasurable, and his presence on our team is truly irreplaceable. Jimmy is a prized hire who has left an indelible mark on our success."

— Sarah Styles

Owner of Background Noise Agency