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Since May 2022, I have managed the overall production and execution of Conquer Cancer, the ASCO Foundation's podcast: "Your Stories: Conquering Cancer." Between Nov 2019 - Sept 2021, I wrote about the Your Stories podcast on Cancer.Net.

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Bringing Better Cancer Care Back Home: Your Stories Podcast

All too often, the health data gathered about Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander (NHPI) patients is categorized too broadly, resulting in ethnic and geographic differences among these populations being overlooked. Having experienced firsthand the impact of these disparities on his own family, Dr. Kekoa Taparra dedicates his career to addressing the various challenges prevalent in NHPI cancer care.
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Why Hasn't Cancer Been Cured?: Your Stories Podcast

It's easy to confuse the idea of curing a disease with that of eradicating it. There are misconceptions about what it means to cure cancer, driven by a variety of historical and sociocultural factors. Dr. Otis Brawley, a former chief medical and scientific officer of the American Cancer Society, joins this episode of the Your Stories podcast to help set reasonable expectations around what the possibilities are for treating, managing, and conquering cancer.
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Stopping the Stigma: Your Stories Podcast

Esophageal cancer. Testicular cancer. Lung cancer. Cervical cancer. Colon cancer. What do each of these diseases have in common? They’re all heavily stigmatized. Some are associated with portions of the anatomy typically considered private. Others are linked to causes that result in blame and criticism directed at the patient. In any case, patients with stigmatized diseases face challenges that go beyond care.
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A Collaborative Approach to an Uncommon Cancer: Your Stories Podcast

Shock. Fear. Uncertainty. Isolation. These are just a few of the many emotions that patients may feel upon receiving any cancer diagnosis, let alone an ultra-rare form of the disease. Katie Coleman is no stranger to this experience or any of the feelings attached to it. At 29, she was diagnosed with metastatic oncocytoma, an extremely rare kidney tumor.
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The More You Know: Your Stories Podcast

Unless you're a trained scientist, most cancer jargon might not make much sense. Enter Cancer.Net, the patient information website of ASCO and Conquer Cancer, with its commitment to helping patients and families access the knowledge and resources they need as they navigate their cancer journey. Host and cancer survivor Brenda Brody is joined by Dr. Jyoti Patel, a clinical oncologist and the editor-in-chief of Cancer.Net, discuss why providing lay cancer information is critical to raising awareness and support for research.
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From Dentistry to Oncology: Your Stories Podcast

For patients with oral cancers, treatment is often just the beginning of their journey. Even after they emerge cancer-free, many still face a long journey to recovery and restored quality of life. As a maxillofacial surgeon and oncologist, Dr. Chi Viet concentrates heavily on helping her patients to not only conquer this rare cancer, but to more easily and effectively manage their pain along their road to recovery.
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Spreading the News About Colorectal Cancer Research: Your Stories Podcast

NBC journalist Craig Melvin’s 43-year-old brother, Lawrence Meadows, passed away from colorectal cancer in 2020. Since then, Craig has made it his mission to increase public awareness and raise support for colorectal cancer research. Along with two-time Conquer Cancer grant recipient and colorectal oncologist Dr. Kimmie Ng, Craig joins this episode of Your Stories to emphasize the critical role donors play in advancing colorectal cancer research.
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Building a Bridge to Hope: Your Stories Podcast

Support communities for people conquering cancer form a critical bridge between the worlds of social work and oncology and offer immense benefits for people transitioning from patient to survivor. Stephanie Stern, a licensed professional counselor and program director at a nonprofit community organization, helps people to more effectively manage the mixed emotions that come with conquering cancer.
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From Disappointment to Discovery: Your Stories Podcast

Anya Magnuson was a 19-year-old photojournalism student — maintaining a 4.0 GPA and covering healthcare for the homeless in downtown Phoenix — when she was diagnosed with Erdheim-Chester disease (ECD), an extremely rare and incurable type of blood cancer. After three years of unsuccessful treatments, Anya was quickly running out of options. But that changed in 2019.
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"It's Treatable": Your Stories Podcast

Lillian Kreppel had to advocate for herself and seek a second opinion before receiving a delayed diagnosis: HPV-related stage II anal cancer. Now a survivor, Lillian leads the HPV Cancers Alliance, an advocacy organization she co-founded to help improve HPV education for patients, providers, and the public. She shares key lessons for patients navigating screening and treatment, debunks stigmas and myths surrounding HPV, and highlights the importance of patient advocacy and donor-funded research.
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It Takes a Team: Your Stories Podcast

Imagine you suddenly experience a crushing migraine headache, which is unusual for you. Concerned, you go to the emergency room. Several tests and screenings later, you receive a sobering answer: you have glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), an aggressive form of brain cancer. Molly Schoen doesn’t need to imagine how all of this can feel: she lived through it herself. And yet, she beat the odds.
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Just Keep Swimming: Your Stories Podcast

When Liz Beisel’s late father, Ted Beisel, passed away in 2021 from pancreatic cancer, she partnered with Swim Across America to help fund a Conquer Cancer Young Investigator Award. Dr. Peter Yu, an early-career oncologist and pancreatic cancer researcher, received this grant in 2022. This helped launch his promising research project to improve treatment and care for patients with pancreatic cancer.
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Learning How Language Saves Lives: Your Stories Podcast

Before Dr. Jenny Ruiz became a pediatric oncologist, her first experience with kids and cancer came when a younger cousin was diagnosed with leukemia. Dr. Ruiz became a translator for her family, most of whom speak Spanish as a first language; her cousin’s doctor spoke English. This showed her how life-threatening language barriers can be when patients and families with limited English proficiency must navigate cancer care.
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"Thriving": Your Stories Podcast

Mai had dreamed of being pregnant and having a child, but for years she knew something was off with her body — pain, fatigue, abnormal bleeding, irregular menstruation. It took follow-up appointments, second opinions, and her refusal to stop until she had an answer. Eventually, Mai received a diagnosis: ovarian cancer. She shares the difficult lessons she learned from having cancer as a young adult and how it transformed her into an advocate for herself and others.
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Survivor's Guilt: Your Stories Podcast

A Pap smear during pregnancy revealed Bethany Hart had a rare and aggressive type of cervical cancer. Her baby, a girl she and her husband named Hallie, was born via c-section, but did not survive. Now cancer-free and an advocate for other survivors, Bethany speaks with fellow survivor, Brenda Brody, about learning to live with profound loss and how she created the family she’d dreamed about before cancer.
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